Saturday/ finding the Wortel 🥕

I don’t know why I took so long to check again if there is an Afrikaans version of Wordle.
There has been one since February, actually⁠— created by South African software developer Francois Botha.
It is called Wortel.
(Eng. carrot;
originally from Dutch wortel,
from Middle Dutch wortele,
from Old Dutch *wurtala,
from Proto-Germanic *wurt– “root” + *waluz “stick”).

Here’s my first attempt. I can post the solution since it’s now past midnight in South Africa.

The 26 characters are not quite sufficient for all Afrikaans words. Some regular words have vowels with carets or diaereses (ë ê î ï ô û) and maybe these should be shown as character keys on the keyboard below. I have seen a version of German Wordle that does that. For now this Wortel game accepts GEEET, GEETS as a valid guesses, for GEËET,  GEËTS (Eng. past participles of eat and etch).


TREIN – train
ASIEL – asylum
GELEI – conduct (electricity)
GLOEI – glow

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