Wednesday/ Shanghai’s lockdown has ended

As of midnight Tuesday, Shanghai’s 25 million residents were allowed to leave their apartments and residential compounds to go to work.  Businesses are  cleared to resume normal operations with restrictions (such as no inside dining in restaurants).

Officials are eager to get China’s most economically important city running again.

Peter Jolicoeur enjoying an Oktoberfest-sized beer in Shanghai. His Twitter profile says he is a ‘Shanghai-based aviation consultant, pilot, musician, runner & Chinese student’. Cheers!

P.S. —for your vocabulary

shang·​hai | \ ˈshaŋ-ˌhī , shaŋ-ˈhī \
shanghaied; shanghaiing

transitive verb
1a: to put aboard a ship by force often with the help of liquor or a drug
b: to put by force or threat of force into or as if into a place of detention
2: to put by trickery into an undesirable position

Example sentence: “To shanghai your friend into a mental health intervention might be a mistake”.

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