Sunday/ the new No 1 is Russian

The annual Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament is in full swing (in Indian Wells, California, of course). Novak Djokovic is not there: no vax, no play. Just last week, Djokovic lost his No 1 position on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) rankings list, to the Russian Daniil Medvedev.

Should Medvedev be allowed to play, given that his country invaded Ukraine, and now wages a brutal war there? (Brutal being superfluous: all wars are brutal). The ATP has banned Russia from team events (such as the prestigious Davis Cup), but also ruled that Russians can compete as individuals, just not under the Russian flag.

Daniil Medvedev preparing to serve, in the first game of his match against Tomas Machac (Czech Republic), which was played on Saturday. (Medvedev won 6-3 6-2).
There is no Russian flag next to Medvedev’s name on the electronic scoreboard.  

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