Friday/ feeling 7 years old again

My passport renewal application form with photo & check was ready to send in on Thursday.
I could fill out the form on the computer to print it. All good.
I practiced a few times to make a recognizable signature with my right hand’s four fingers; signed the form, and signed the check.
I enlisted the help of friends to fill out the rest of the check, and to neatly write the date on the form.

There was no mercy at the post office, though: I had to fill out my own address and the passport center’s address three times with my left hand (on the priority mail envelope, and in teeny-tiny letters on the certified mail slips).
It was hard work!

The bane of the left-handed writer: smudging ink that is not completely dry. Hopefully the letter-sorting machine is smart enough to make out my squiggles.
For a few minutes there, I felt 7 years old again, concentrating hard to get the letters right :).

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