Tuesday/ my new watch

This is Apple Watch Series 7, black aluminum 45mm case (smaller one is 41 mm), with the sport loop band. Yes, that’s actually the time! -1.42 pm. There are 7 main watch faces that can be configured with countless colors, or the watch face can be a picture, and so on. For now, I switched off the other five spots on the watch face that show things such as outside temperature, today’s date, messages, start/ stop music, and news flashes.


I have had my Apple watch for a week now.
It is essentially an iPhone extension, and as such has definitely helped me relax a little.
I have fewer thoughts of the form
‘Where’s my phone?’ or
‘Go get your phone!’ (upstairs) or
‘Go check your phone!’ (for messages).

The first few days after my operation, I took pain meds every 4 hours, and it was easy to lose track.
I put tasks on my Google calendar, and the reminders popped up on my wrist every four hours.

I’m still warming up to using all the other health-related trackers on the watch (sleep monitoring, heart rate, even blood oxygen levels).



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