Sunday/ got milk? .. sort of

No organic (nor regular) whole milk left on the shelf. The shopper texted me a picture of a fancy lactose-free Omega-3 whole milk, which I was OK with.
Among the other items I requested was a SLICED loaf of bread, though, which was also not available. He substituted it with an UNSLICED loaf without checking with me. Maybe I will just break chunks off and eat it that way :).

A Sunday night grocery run was not possible, so I had groceries delivered to my house for the first time.

I used my QFC account that I had used for pick-up at the (previous) height of the pandemic.

QFC uses Instacart, which means an Instacart person picks your items in the store, and then drives it out to your house.

I added a generous tip online with my order, and said to just leave my items by the door.
A text message notifies the customer that the items had been delivered.

It all went fine, for the most part.
Still, next time I will try delivery by Amazon Fresh, and see how that goes.

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