Wednesday/ PRITHEE, don’t play that word

I was feeling invincible with my triple-triple word play of DIGAMIES (158 points- yowza!) .. but just then Zoey* swooped in with PRITHEE to come out ahead in this Scrabble game.

*Zoey is a Scrabble grandmaster bot.

Here’s a rundown of some of the words on the board.
VIZARDnoun (archaic)  a mask or disguise.
DROITnoun (historical, law)  a right or due.
PRITHEEexclamation (archaic)  please (used to convey a polite request).
“prithee, Jack, answer me honestly”
Scottish form of no (determiner).
“it’s nae bother”
Scottish form of no (exclamation).
“He was asked if he was ever going back east. ‘Nae, son,’ he replied”
1. Scottish form of not (adverb).
“it’s nae as guid as whiskey”
2. Scottish form of no (adverb).
“we were just bairns, nae aulder than you lassies are”
QUERNSnoun (plural of quern)   a simple hand mill for grinding grain, typically consisting of two circular stones, the upper of which is rotated or rubbed to and fro on the lower one.
DIGAMIESnoun (plural of digamy)  a second marriage, after the death or divorce of the first husband or wife.
YAGnoun   a synthetic crystal of yttrium aluminum garnet, used in certain lasers and as an imitation diamond in jewelry.
LOGEnoun   a private box or enclosure in a theater; the front section of the first balcony in a theater.
PYICadjective of or belonging to pus; purulent.
PALInoun (in Hawaii) a cliff.
VROWSnoun (plural of vrow), 1 : a Dutch or Afrikaner woman.  2 : mistress —usually used preceding the name of a Dutch or Afrikaner married woman.

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