Friday/ ready to step on the brake

It’s the first winter in my not-so-new-anymore car, and I am definitely heeding the message on the dashboard for the cold weather: ‘Regenerative braking temporarily reduced’.
When starting out in cold weather, the car struggles to use regenerative braking as efficiently as in summer.
We also have people dressed in black, with black umbrellas, stepping into the pedestrian crosswalk, expecting drivers to see them. People. Wear something other than black if you’re going to walk the streets at night!

‘Regenerative braking temporarily reduced’ says the message on the dashboard. The car’s battery pack wants to be around 75 °F (24°C) and with its charge level below say, 80%, before it will get back to normal brake regeneration. The battery takes a while to warm up to 75°F in the 37 °F (3 °C) temperatures we have here at night.

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