Tuesday/ my iPhone setup is done

My temporary lock screen until I can find a more personalized one. (Dial from a 1950s Stromberg Carlson 1543 rotary phone, one of the most popular desk phones ever made).

The easy data transfer method (to set up my new phone) shown in yesterday’s picture stumbled, and I had to give up on it.

So I did a full iCloud backup of my old phone*, and an iCloud restore to the new phone, and that worked out fine.

*The backup took a while. Could it be that I have that many apps, and that much data? I wondered. It turned out most of the 22 Gb of backup data were photos, even though I had marked photos as excluded from the backup. I also deleted the 5,000+ pictures I had on the old phone, and deleted them from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder as well, but they were still swept into the backup. They made it onto the new phone into the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Ah well, no harm done. They will disappear from there in 30 days.

There is still a little work after all the apps & data had been transferred to the new phone, to make sure everything is good to go.
Check if home screen, main apps, phone contacts look OK.
Log onto e-mail accounts, messaging apps, credit card & banking apps, and check that the Apple Wallet is set up correctly (vaccination card was missing).
Request a new QR code for my Washington State vaccination card to put into the Apple Wallet.
Connect my Tesla’s key card to the new phone.
Download my preferred Siri voice onto the phone.
Use iTunes on Windows (I have no Mac or MacBook) to sync my CD music collection into the Apple Music app & add my PC photo albums to my phone’s photo albums. It’s a known issue that the artwork for the CD albums sometimes get scrambled with the sync. All right, so I could not have that. Deleted all 4,105 synced songs and the Apple Music app (! – to get rid of invisible files & indexes). Downloaded the app back to the phone, and did the sync again. Issue solved.

Below are pictures shot with each of the phone’s three lenses: wide angle, standard and close-up.
(Note: These are 2560×1920 pixels. The blogging platform automatically scales them down from the original 4032×3024 pixels).

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