Friday/ the week looks better

What started as a bad week for the Biden Administration/ the Democrats, looked much better by late Friday night.
There were good October jobs numbers out this morning, and the Housed passed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that includes transport, broadband and utility funding, sending it to the President’s desk.

531,000 jobs added in October to the US economy.
Writes Neil Irwin for the NYT: ‘Employers are paying more to get those workers, it’s worth noting. Average hourly earnings for private-sector workers were up 0.4 percent in October, and are up 4.9 percent over the last year. That is high by recent standards, but probably a bit below the inflation rate in that span. October inflation numbers are not out yet, but for the 12 months ended in September the Consumer Price Index was up 5.4 percent.’
[Graphic from the New York Times]

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