Thursday/ 4 months, and counting

Andy Slavitt’s podcast with Dr. David Agus and Tom Moriarty of CVS Health.

I listened to a podcast of Andy Slavitt (former Biden White House Sr Advisor for COVID Response) today, and it’s clear to me what to do now.

I need to march into a CVS store (or any other, or a clinic) by November, and get a booster shot.

It appears that the protection afforded by full vaccinations, wanes by about 6% per month.

There is no apparent downside for adults getting a booster shot.
So if it’s OK for 65+ people, and for workers (of any age) at high risk, it is surely also OK for me to get.

As Dr Agus put it: striving for perfection is our enemy here. Why try to get it perfectly right (re: timing and shot combinations), and come down with Covid in the meantime?

On Sept. 19, I had been fully vaccinated for 4 months. By the time that 6 months will have gone by for me (Nov. 19), it would be time for a booster shot.
The recommendation from the podcast is to try to get the same shot as the 1st & 2nd dose shots (Pfizer 1,2 + Pfizer 3 OR Moderna 1,2 + Moderna 3).
If that’s not possible any other combination is OK as well:  J&J 1 + Pfizer 2 OR J&J 1+ Moderna 2 OR Pfizer 1,2 + Moderna 3  OR Moderna 1,2 + Pfizer 3.

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