Monday/ the Great Reassessment

It was Labor Day here in the United States today.
Many workers — but not all — had the day off. The American economy is in a strange place. The Washington Post reports that there are some 10 million job openings, yet more than 8.4 million unemployed are still actively looking for work.

I guess this could be a job interview in the year 2500, after Mars and other planets had been inhabited by humans. [Cartoon by Jerad Berg/ bad oranges 2015]
Writes Heather Long, Alyssa Fowers and Andrew Van Dam in The Post:
There is a massive reallocation underway in the economy that’s triggering a “Great Reassessment” of work in America from both the employer and employee perspectives. The reassessment is playing out in all facets of the labor market this year, as people make very different decisions about work than they did pre-pandemic. Resignations are the highest on record — up 13 percent over pre-pandemic levels. There are 4.9 million more people who aren’t working or looking for work than there were before the pandemic. There’s a surge in retirements with 3.6 million people retiring during the pandemic, or more than 2 million more than expected. And there’s been a boost in entrepreneurship that has caused the biggest jump in years in new business applications.


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