Thursday/ hot and smoky

The high was 94°F (34°C) here in the city today, and the air quality was not the best (wildfire smoke from Canada and eastern Washington). Bellingham to the north of Seattle recorded 100°F (38°C), a new record for any month.   

Even so, early evening found me on the Lower Woodland Park tennis courts for the regular Thursday night social tennis. I made sure I had extra water and a banana to keep me going.

Update Fri 8/13: Friday’s highs here in Seattle reached 96°F (35.5°C). It is going cool down on Saturday and Sunday, thankfully.

I’m keeping my windows and doors closed on Friday and Saturday. This simulation has lots of red, the dark red and purple (the worst air quality). Vast volumes of smoky air are swirling around, from the fires in Canada, in eastern Washington, in Oregon and down in California. We need rain, but it’s several more weeks before the rainy season starts.

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