Friday/ Lego City Sports Car

I was at Bartell Drugs (pharmacy) today, and hey! saw that they have a nice little set of LEGO offerings on the shelf with toys.

Age 5+ said the box with the blue ‘Sports Car’ inside, and I thought
1. Well, I am 5+, so I qualify :), and
2. More to the point: I own a blue ‘sports car’ and therefore I have to buy the LEGO sports car. LEGO imitates life (and fantasy).

My plan is to build the little model, and then see if I can modify it so that it better resembles my Tesla Model 3.

Let’s see. The hood & general shape look OK. The headlights need to be round. The windshield will need to be extended (Tesla Model 3 has a  glass roof). The white chassis has to be blue, same as the car. Maybe I can modify the model to give it  4 doors .The wheels look OK; it might be hard to mimic the flat panels on my Aero wheels.
Back of the box. No exhaust pipes on the Tesla, of course, so those have to go. No spoiler on my car. The big brake light bar on the model’s back need to be changed. The lights on my car are up on the corners. As for the driver (me): brown or gray hair; definitely not blond!

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