Tuesday/ at the Tesla Service Center

I took my car to the Tesla Service Center this morning for two very minor repairs. A new owner gets 24 hours after delivery to report any defects, and then these are repaired free of charge. (In my case a tail light cover had a slight chip on the corner, and the trim on one door was slightly misaligned).

This car-carrying trailer full of red and white Model 3s (all with the 19’’ Sport wheels), was parked at the curb, by the Tesla Service Center at 2200 6th Ave South in SoDo (south of downtown). It must have made the trip to Seattle from the Tesla plant in Fremont, California (the only US plant where Model 3s are made).
My loaner car was a Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3. A key fob (shaped like a Tesla car) came with my loaner car. I don’t have one for my car; my iPhone is my key fob. Not all smartphones work equally well as a key fob for the car, and so for some car owners, the Tesla key fob solves that problem (cost: $175).
So the key fob gets me into the loaner car. Then there is also a PIN to enter on the touchscreen, to start driving. (I can set up a PIN for my own car as an extra layer of security if I wanted to, as well).

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