Wednesday/ a beer with the amigos

There is rain on the way, that will arrive early in the morning. The rainfall here in the city has been low the last few weeks: at 0.69 inches (normally 1.60 inches this far into May).
Late afternoon, I walked to The Chieftain pub on 12th Avenue with my amigos, for a beer and a bite.

Whoah! A new all-black beast of a Model S? I wondered as I walked by on Harrison Street. But no, it’s a 75D (75 kWh battery capacity), said the back of the car. Tesla had stopped making these in early 2019, and replaced it with longer-range models.
Here’s my beer, from a pitcher of Elysian Brewing Company ‘Full Contact’ Imperial IPA (8.8% ABV! .. yikes). I see an on-line reviewer calls the color hazy medium gold, and the head ‘a one-finger white pancake batter head, very slight on the sudsy side’.

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