Monday/ vaccinated or anti-mask?

This cartoon from The New Yorker magazine illustrates the quandary that the CDC has created for businesses, and managers of public indoor spaces. Unvaccinated people should definitely still wear a mask.
It is just about impossible, though, to determine who is vaccinated, and who is not (and anti-mask).

This is surely a variation of the Liar Paradox. Someone on Twitter said the solution is to ask each one, how the other would answer to something like ‘Are you vaccinated?’ .. but that would assume that they know each other’s status. Hey .. I say, the earnest guy on the left is vaccinated, since he thinks it’s important to be able to tell who is vaccinated and who is not. The guy on the right looks mean and upset with what’s being discussed. So to me it looks like he’s an anti-masker and unvaccinated, to boot. 🙂  [Cartoon from The New Yorker, by J.A.K. @JasonAdamK on Twitter]

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