Thursday/ guidance for me, myself & I

For me, the updated CDC guidance about not wearing a mask for vaccinated people, feels like a stunning reversal of their guidance issued just two weeks ago.

There are lots of green ‘Fully vaccinated’ maskless smiley faces on this guidance diagram from the Washington Post (compiled from the CDC guidance). I added my own ‘guidance’ in there, for now.¬† I’m just not ready to go everywhere without a mask (esp. indoors), and pretend that the pandemic has ended.

Let’s not forget that the failure of the CDC to contain this pandemic, is at a level I would call ‘Epic’. As the NYT noted in a June 2020 article: ‘The technology¬†was old, the data poor, the bureaucracy slow, the guidance confusing, the administration not in agreement’.

I’m still leery to embrace the labels ‘Safest’ and ‘Prevention Measures Not Needed’ for most indoor places. There are too many people out and about that are still unvaccinated (for whatever crazy reason).

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