Monday/ go and get ‘My Vaccine’

Everyone in the USA over age 16 now qualifies for the vaccine.
Now if only everyone (alright, 70% of everyone) will go and get it.
It’s not going to be easy.
Too many Americans subject themselves/ are influenced by, information bubbles that stoke their fears, or lie to them.

Micheal Kosta with a big fake moustache*, guest-starring in a skit on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show. He is promoting ‘My Vaccine’ to conservative people that are still vacillating. Get one shot, the second one is FREE, and  ‘You stormed the Capitol, let My Vaccine storm YOUR CAPILLARIES .. ‘.
*Kosta is impersonating My Pillow guy and Trump supporter, Mike Lindell.
Israel is held up as the gold standard for vaccine roll-out. At first I thought they had only gotten to 60%, and are now ‘flat-lining’ (source: Our World in Data). 
… but Reuters reported today that 81% of citizens & residents over 16 in Israel are now fully vaccinated, and that the national mask mandate has been rescinded. So maybe that’s as good as it gets, in any country.
And here’s Washington State’s numbers (from the Washington Post). I hope that WA state can match Israel’s numbers in a month or two. In the US, Michigan is still in a very bad place, as are many other countries in the world: India, Brazil, several European countries. This is YEAR 2 of the pandemic. There will be a year 3, 4 and .. a year 5?

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