Wednesday/ here are my beers

These are the beers I had picked up on Sunday, at the enormous store called Total Wine & More, on Armory Way. They only had one six-pack of the Beck’s left, but I got more at the Whole Foods grocery store nearby.

Clockwise: Radeberger, 4.8% alc/vol, a light golden pilsner; Erdinger, non-alcoholic wheat beer (back in 2010 in China we would go to the Sheraton Hotel for burgers, and I would always order an Erdinger, the real one, to go with it); Beck’s, my go-to non-alcoholic beer with a malty hoppy taste; Paulaner Weizen-Radler, a non-alcoholic heffeweizen with a taste of lemon (first time I tried it, very good). I still enjoy the potent 8.2% alc/ vol Space Dust IPA from our local Elysian Brewing Company (not shown in the picture), just not every day.

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