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Hundreds of people lined up for Covid-19 vaccines at Seattle University and other clinics after a refrigerator broke at a nearby hospital, meaning nurses had to quickly give out 1,600 doses of the vaccine or throw them away. The call went out at 11.00 pm and by 3.30 am all 1,600 doses had been administered. [Photo: David Ryder/Getty Images]
From the New York Times, Sat. Jan. 30:
Wearing bathrobes, pajamas or whatever else they could quickly throw on, hundreds of people flocked to get Covid vaccines in Seattle on Thursday night after a refrigerator that was chilling 1,600 doses broke down, leading to a frenzied overnight inoculation drive.
The impromptu vaccinations began after a refrigerator malfunctioned at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Seattle, meaning the Moderna vaccines inside had to be quickly injected or they would become less effective and need to be thrown away. Health officials reached out to two other hospital systems in the city, and an urgent call was issued around 11 p.m., alerting residents that they had a rare chance to get vaccines if they could come right away.

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