Sunday/ getting colder

These penguins at the South Pole are playing a version of pin the tail on the donkey. 
Cold, cold, colder, much colder, mu-uch colder!‘ say the ones observing the efforts of the blindfolded one.
[Cartoonist: Gernot Gunga from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany]
The lowlands might see a few snowflakes tomorrow, say the weather people.

We again played tennis outside yesterday (officially 43 °F/ 6 °C).  It was OK, but at times the cold numbed my fingers around the racquet handle.

Fortunately, Amy Yee Tennis Center has again opened up its indoor courts.

We have to wear masks while we play, though, so that will be interesting .. a little harder to yell out the score before you serve, for one thing.

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