Saturday/ winter tennis

My social tennis club organized a special winter session for us: outdoors at the courts at Lower Woodland Park by Green Lake.
The sun did not really shine (48 °F/ 9 °C), and the courts were not completely dry – but hey, we got to play some tennis.

The sports fields at Lower Woodland Park by Green Lake. Is that thing the sun? Why yes, it is.
A company called Curative operates this Covid-19 testing kiosk at Lower Woodland Park. One collects one’s own sample by swabbing a Q-tip inside each cheek, upper and lower gums, underneath and top of the tongue, and the roof of the mouth. Results in 48 hours, by text & e-mail. The test is 90% accurate. Cost is $325 and per Curative’s website ‘COVID-19 testing could be reimbursed by your health plan or the government’. So that’s a definite maybe.

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