Monday/ Article I: Incitement of Insurrection

Part of the Article of Impeachment. There is a reference to the Sat. Jan. 2 phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger as well, in which Trump repeatedly tried to strong-arm him, and then threatened him, in his attempt to overturn the certified Georgia results. One can argue that that phone call alone, is an impeachable offense. And then came the run-up to Jan. 6, and Trump’s incitement of his followers at a rally in Georgia. When the assault on the Capitol happened on Jan. 6, the Trump family were watching it unfold on TV, and cheering.

It’s Monday night, and the Instigator-in-Chief is still in the White House.
The Article of Impeachment document has been published.
The latest is that the House will call for a vote on the Article of Impeachment by Wednesday night.

Here’s MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, explaining how Trump could be ousted. The Democrats want A or B, so that Biden can start his Presidency without lengthy impeachment hearings in the Senate. If the Dems are forced to impeach Trump in the House, they may wait several months before sending the Article to the Senate. (Yes, Trump can be impeached in the Senate even though he would already be out of office).
Plan A: Trump resigns, after getting VP Mike Pence to pardon him afterwards (the way Ford pardoned Nixon).
Plan B: Trump is removed by 25th Amendment.  Not likely, but if enough Republicans stay away and do not vote on the Amendment, it will be easier to get to 2/3 from those present in the Senate to vote Trump out with the 25th. 
Plan C: Trump is impeached (again). Also unclear if 2/3 in the Senate will find him guilty. What an indictment of the Republicans: that it’s doubtful if even 17 out of 50 would honor their vow to the Constitution.  (50 Dems + 17 Republicans = 2/3 of 100 Senators).

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