Monday/ what will Pence do?

I cannot wait (rubbing my hands together) for Jan. 20, when the Trump family and their enablers will be evicted from the White House.

Before that, though, tomorrow Tuesday, there is the two Georgia 2020 Senate race run-off elections tomorrow. Each of the Democrats has a slim lead in the polls.  (There was Trump’s subversive phone call on Saturday to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, urging him to overturn the certified Presidential election results in Georgia. By now Trump should have been impeached 6 or 7 times already). 

Then on Wednesday, Trump lap dog and VP Mike Pence has to preside over a joint session of Congress. Sealed certificates from each state, that contain a record of their certified electoral votes, will be opened. A dozen or so Republican Senators and a 100+ Republican House members are reportedly going to contest the certified results.

What will Pence do?

Conservative political commentator and Never Trumper offering outside-the-box thoughts, on what Pence would do on Wednesday. I cannot see that happening, though. Pence is the blandest of politicians. He will sit there and ‘hear’ the ‘objections’ to the certified results. Then he will something like ‘it’s time to move on/ to heal the country’, and verify that Joe Biden has won the election. Done.

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