Monday/ homemade soup: the best

The onion and carrots that I had bought for making red lentil soup with, were not going to last forever. So I finally got going today, and got it all in the pot. Voila! It’s a welcome change from the same old grocery store soup I have had for many weeks now.

Getting all the prep work done is the hardest! A big onion, chopped up, and two cloves of chopped garlic go into the pot first, with olive oil, until caramelized & golden. Add red lentils, carrot, salt, pepper, cumin and tomato paste, and go 2 more minutes. Add water & vegetable broth, and let simmer for 30 mins.
Here’s the end result with parsley for the garnish, and a little lemon juice added. I put half of the pot of soup through the food blender, and added it back into the pot, to make the overall consistency a little thicker and smoother.

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