Sunday/ back to where we were in March

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee was on TV this morning, announcing that indoor social gatherings are prohibited. (No, the sheriff or policemen are not going to knock on the door and arrest people, but everyone is asked to take responsibility and comply).

Indoor dining is prohibited.  In-store retail is limited to 25% indoor occupancy. No wedding and funeral receptions, and so on. The restrictions are statewide and will remain in effect until Monday, Dec. 14.

– It’s still safest to stay home.
– If you go out, stay six feet apart, wear a face covering and wash your hands.
– Stay local.
– Fewer, safer interactions are crucial.

Numbers for Washington State, from the New York Times. While we are still in better shape than many other states in the US, the number of daily cases in WA state has doubled in just 14 days, an alarming trend.

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