Wednesday/ where the young voters are

You know you’re old when you didn’t even know about the existence of ‘Among Us’, a massively popular online game on Twitch.

(Twitch is a platform for streaming online games to viewers that follow the players. The players can talk live, but viewers usually participate via text chat.  Amazon owns it; bought it in 2014).

In the game Among Us, up to 10 players work together to complete tasks located around a map or a series of rooms. One player is secretly designated as an Imposter. When a body is found or an emergency meeting is called, the players all must vote for who they think the Imposter might be.

Anyway: on Monday, progressive politician with star power, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (elected to represent New York’s 14th congressional district in Congress at 29 yrs old), also known by her initials AOC, tweeted that she will participate in a game of Among Us.
Even before the game started, some 300,000 viewers were signed on, and later on the count reached 430,000, making it one of the most popular streams ever.

Why would AOC play in an online game? That’s where the young people are, and she told them how important it is to vote, and how to check how voting works in their State.  (I suspect it is a little late to register, if you have not yet done so,  though).

Here’s the lobby of the spaceship in which the game of Among Us was played. That’s congresswoman AOC bottom center. Her avatar for the game is above her (‘aoc’ character in pink with the sprout hat).
Here’s a very funny scene from the game. It went as follows.
AOC goes to the electrical room. Poki follows her (that’s Poki in the picture).
Poki:  Ma’am, are you OK?
AOC:  (Talking to viewers of the game, but muted and unbeknownst to the Among Us players) I can’t kill Poki – she’s so nice .. (AOC is the designated Imposter in this game).
AOC:  OK, I think I’m gonna have to do it. STABB! (Poki is ‘killed’).
Poki:  (Mortified, shocked) Shrieks .. Aargh! (Laughs, knows it was AOC that ‘killed’ her) .. It was an honor!
Poki:  It was an HONOR. (Bends forward on her desk, arms raised, laughs). 

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