Thursday/ two months to Nov. 3

There it was, on the radio today: the undecided voter. Some clueless person from Pennsylvania that told the interviewer that neither Trump nor Biden was an appealing option, and that she ‘had not made up her mind’.

So! I thought: you’re telling us that you cannot choose between the blue skies of a sunny day, or the pitch black of a moonless night; between candidates that are polar opposites — one good, and one a destroyer of decency and democracy.
We cannot help you. Don’t bother. Just stay home.

A banner that has been up for quite some time, near Madison & 20th Ave. (Apologies for the f-bomb). The banner assumes (correctly), that voters in Seattle will overwhelmly vote for the right candidate .. if only they can be convinced to vote.
‘This week, a slew of new, high-quality polls out this week confirmed their off-record observations: Biden continues to hold a steady lead over President Trump’. – Amy Walter writing for the Cook Political Report.

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