Tuesday/ the frenzy of the VP sweepstakes

Who will Joe Biden pick as 2020 Vice-Presidential running mate?
Well, we know it’s going to be a woman: Biden said it will be, some time ago.
Some political experts say that he has taken care of the ‘heavy lifting’ already, in terms of commiting to picking a woman. That would build on the success of female Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections, and be a nod to¬† empowering women in politics (and a thorn in Trump’s side). So it does not matter too much which woman he chooses.

Here’s the political betting site PredictIt giving California Senator Kamala Harris a 58% shot, and former national security advisor Susan Rice 27%. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a distant third. The wonderful thing is that a Biden win, will have him replace all the incompetent nincompoops in the Trump cabinet with talented and experienced people.
So how does this site work? Well, you can buy shares at the price listed, and if the event turns out in your favor, you get $1 per share (minus a fee). If your candidate loses, you lose all your money!

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