Saturday/ frying fish in South Carolina

It was South Carolina’s turn on Saturday to host the 2020 Democratic hopefuls in the state’s annual ‘World Famous Fish Fry’, originally started by SC House Rep. Jim Clyburn in 1992.

South Carolina hosts one of the early primary elections in Feb. 2020 (to determine who the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate is). It’s considered a key state in the primaries. Black voters make up 61% of the electorate.

The 2020 Democratic candidates posing on stage before the start of the Fish Fry debate. They each only had a short time, did not attack one another, and I agreed with just about everything they said- but man! there cannot be 24 candidates. There are two nights of televised debates this coming week that may help to thin out the field further. Of course: there is still 499 days to go before the election in November 2020. Crazy.  [Picture: CBS News].

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