Wednesday/ Amazon’s one click: too easy

Here’s an article in The Atlantic that confirms that I was on to something, when I resisted turning on Amazon’s one-click option.  (Needing only one click to make a purchase; so no final confirmation, no entering of an address or credit card – it’s all stored on Amazon and ready to go).

I browse, and first put stuff I want in my Amazon cart, and most of the time, I let it stay there overnight. And then I still make myself walk through a few clicks to buy it. There are a lot of things in my cart, that I end up not buying .. and that’s a good thing.

Amazon is on its way to join Apple as a company with a trillion dollar market cap. There is just so many things to buy! Yay! And it is so easy .. too easy.  Amazon started its Prime program in 2005, and now more than 100 million people have signed on to pay $119 a year for “free” two-day shipping. 

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