Tuesday/ modern ‘Vikings’

I try to watch as many World Cup matches as I can, and I just love the bit of pomp and ceremony at the start. The players come out onto the field with the kids, the giant flags are unfurled on the field, the national anthems play, and the game starts.

Denmark and France squared off today, in Moscow. Shortly after this moment, the Danish anthem ‘Der er et yndigt land’ and the French ‘La Marsellaise’ were played, while the camera panned over the players – very touching. [Photo from fifa.com].
Enthusiastic fans rooting for Denmark. One wonders where in Moscow they found those croissants that they stuck onto their Viking horns! The match ended in a 0-0 draw, and both France and Denmark will go through to the next round.  P.S. There is actually no evidence from archaeology and historical sources that Vikings wore horned helmets.  [Photo from fifa.com].
Hmm .. I thought, I am a little unsure which are all the modern countries that can lay claim on Viking heritage, so let me check. Looks like it would be Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Finland to the east: not really. The purple is Viking home territory and the blue areas are territories that they set out and conquered. [Map from Wikipedia].

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