Friday/ lock him up!* .. who’s next?

From the New York Times.

*’Lock her up!’ (Hillary Clinton) was a favorite chant of the Trump supporters in 2016.

Trump campaign manager Manafort had his bail revoked today and is now in jail.

No sooner had that happened, when Trump appeared on the White House lawn.  Hey! and just by coincidence, there was his propaganda network Fox News, at the ready for an interview.  Manafort ‘had worked for me for a very short time’. On and on Trump babbled, spouting nonsense and lies, like only he can.

Manafort is in serious, serious, legal trouble (read: decades of jail time, for his well-documented crimes of conspiracy and money laundering). Trump cannot pardon him for state crimes (only federal ones). I cannot see how Manafort can continue to refuse to cooperate with the Russia investigation. It’s possible that he has nothing substantial to offer (as a witness against Trump). If that’s the case, his goose is cooked.

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