Thursday/ dear Kim Jong-un ..

I like my coins & medallions, and I see this one is still for sale on the White House Gift Shop site for $24.95. Comes in a black velvet case. The site was so popular this morning, that it crashed. Now back up, sans picture of the coin, it notes: ‘If the summit does not occur, you can request a refund’. Good to know – but I’ll pass.

‘Dear Kim Jong Un: It’s just not working out between us. Sorry. Hope we don’t have to nuke you. Please call’. .. – the way the Los Angeles Times paraphrased the letter sent by Trump to Kim to cancel the planned meeting of June 12.

The timing of the announcement was terrible: American journalists were still in North Korea, witnessing the (apparent?) destruction of one of the nuclear test sites. The last part of the journey to the site was a two-hour walk.

It’s easy to look back now and realize: it never really was going to happen.

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