Tuesday/ the Sum of Us

The Sum Of Us, 1994. (Yes, that’s Russell Crowe, with his ‘dad’ in the movie, Jack Thompson). I loved this movie when I saw it back then.  It is set in Sydney, Australia. From IMDb: A (heterosexual) father and his gay son are trying to find Ms/Mr Right respectively. The film shows their relationships with one another and the objects of their affection as tragedy strikes. There is no overt ‘message’ in the film, just a very natural, entertaining story-telling.

The results of Australia’s postal survey vote regarding marriage equality are in, and it’s a ‘Yes’ (61.6% yes, 38.4 no%). Yes!  Good news. All states and territories recorded a majority ‘Yes’ response.   (It still has to make it into law by Australia’s parliament.  12/7/2017: It’s official. Australian Parliament Approves Same-Sex Marriage).

As New York Times notes, the record of subjecting same-sex marriage to a public vote remains mixed, though.

‘.. In 2015, Ireland was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by referendum, but the same year, voters in Slovenia rejected a law legalizing such unions.
In the United States, numerous states outlawed same-sex marriage in referendums; in 2012, Maine, Maryland and Washington became the first states to legalize such unions by referendum. The United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the nation in 2015.
The survey in Australia was controversial, not only because it placed such a thorny issue at the whims of direct democracy but also because of its cost (about US$ 97 million).
As the deadline approached for citizens to mail in their ballots, passions were inflamed by heartfelt pleas and vitriolic attacks’.

I took this picture in Perth in December 2015. Getting to this point where law-makers seem ready to finally change the law, has been a long and hard-won battle by all of the marriage-equality coalitions and groups.

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