Tuesday/ a Trump rebuff

Trump trying to distance himself from Ed Gillespie’s loss. (Nice try, but .. no. Ed Gillespie absolutely embraced Trump, and he lost big). 

It’s been a year since the Trump cataclysm happened (how time flies). Today, voters in some states went to the polls to select new governors, and other state representatives. The race for governor of Virginia was especially closely watched, and the pre-election polls had the candidates neck-and-neck.  Republican Ed Gillespie tried some Trump tactics (anti-immigrant, support for Confederate statues), but Democrat Ralph Northam had won by 9% when all was said and done.

Democrats elsewhere did well, too.  Soo .. looks like there is hope for the 2018 House and Senate mid-term elections, for the Democrats to find some of their footing back. If Democrats will just get out and bother to go vote, it will make a huge difference. In the city of Charlottesville (site of the white supremacist march in August), votes cast were up 31 percent over the 2013 election. Northam the Democrat, took 84 percent of the vote there.

Election results from the New York Times. Virginia borders on Washington DC in the northeast. As always, the blue counties (Democratic Party) are heavily populated urban and suburban ones.  But out of the city, people are Republican.

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