Saturday/ Mueller’s first charges

News broke on Friday that special prosecutor Mueller’s first charges are to be made, as soon as Monday, in his investigation into the Trump campaign. The charges are still sealed, so the nature and the persons to be charged are not yet known. It would be a political earthquake if ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort or ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is indicted.  Some observers point out that these first indictments may very well be for crimes by lesser players, to start ratcheting up the pressure on the bigger fish. From what I learned from newspapers and cable TV, there seems to be a wide range of possible crimes to go after, from money laundering to running afoul of foreign agent laws, to election campaign collusion with the Russians and obstruction of justice.

It’s all a hoax! cries Trump and his supporters on Fox News. Fox News is a cable TV ‘news’ channel, that has hosted 19 fawning, sycophantic, soft-ball interviews with Trump so far this year. And ‘What about Hillary and her e-mails? And the uranium deal with the Russians? (This was in 2010!). And paying for the Steele dossier?’. Well, sorry.  Hillary is not under investigation, and she is not President of the United States.

A Trump chicken balloon that I spotted here on Capitol Hill, Seattle, on Saturday. It was used to draw attention to a different matter: a petition for additional training for police to de-escalate confrontations between police and citizens. Trump chickens first appeared in protests in the United States in April. The balloons with their golden coifs were originally made in China, for use in the ‘2017 Year of the Rooster’ lunar new year celebrations there.

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