Thursday/ Trump’s war with the press & TV

President Trump has waged war with the media and the press since Day One of his presidency, and it just seems to get even worse.


So many things wrong with these tweets. NBC and the networks hold themselves to the highest standards, while Trump tweets out blatant lies and distortions almost every day.  2/3 of Americans think they are bad for the country. And by the way: there is no ‘license’ that can be revoked for the national networks, only for local TV stations. Also, the Executive Branch cannot even do that – it’s up to the Federal Communications Commission.

Graphic from Reporters Without Borders, based in Paris, France. The USA is ranked #43 of the world’s 180 countries. The notes state (accurately) that the First Amendment (states freedom of the press, and freedom of speech) is under increasing attack in the USA.

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