Sunday/ landfall in Florida

It was a perfect day in Seattle: not too hot, not too cold, blue sunny sky.
Of course: a different story on the other side of the continent down south; a very bad weather day in Florida.  Here is a collage of a few interesting pictures of the hurricane that I ran across on-line.

Irma was battering the Tampa Bay area late Sunday night; Storm surges flooded downtown Miami and the winds left 2 million households without power (pictures: New York Times); Manatee stranded in Tampa Bay after 4 ft of water drawn out of the bay by the hurricane; the manatee was later helped to the deep water by 5 people (picture by Tony Foradini-Campos on Facebook); flamingos at the Tampa Bay Zoo marched to a protected enclosure (picture by NBC News); a pair of parrots sheltering against a high-rise window (picture by ABC News); Check it out! No air traffic whatsoever, over the entire Florida (diagram from FlightAware).


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