Thursday/ would I qualify for immigration?

I took the quiz that shows the Trump administration’s proposed new points system for legal immigration.  I wound back the clock to the time when I had first arrived in the USA, in 1995.   It would have been tough: I had no money to invest, no Nobel Prize, and no Olympic Medal. Zero points for all those!

Aw .. I would have needed a boost of 3 points to qualify.  Those last three categories are killers (Nobel Prize/ Olympic Medal/ serious money to invest); I scored 0 on all of them.  HOWEVER – I may have been a little tough on myself in the Job Offer category.  If those dollars for the salary brackets are 2017 dollars (not 1995 dollars), I would have scored 5 points for my 1995 job offer, and would have make it to a score of 32.

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