Tuesday/ ‘fire and fury’

Yes, this is a real picture: of a French nuclear test in 1970 in French Polynesia in the Pacific. It really does look like the end of the world.
Stamps issued by North Korea to celebrate their missile launches. All propaganda, of course, but makes me wonder if they are hard to get a hold of (and if it would be wrong to buy them for my collection!).

Well .. forget “shock and awe”. (That ill-conceived war in Iraq really did not end well – and has it really ended?)  Today we were told we may have “fire and fury, like the world has never seen” by the President of the United States.  The scary thing is that of the nine nuclear powers (mentioned in Monday’s post), the US is the only country without a system of checks and balances at the top of its launch process. The President of the United States is the only person in the world with the sole authority to launch a nuclear strike.  Seems to me it’s time that the generals, leaders in Congress and every sane person in power redouble their efforts to ratchet things down.

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