Another ugly Monday in US politics

President Obama and a Boy Scout, posted by Pete Souza on Instagram on Monday.

Six months in, there is no let up in the insanity in the White House and Republican politics. John McCain (80) is returning to Capitol Hill prematurely from his operation (he has brain cancer) to vote on Mitch McConnell’s health care bill. ┬áNo one knows what the final content will end up to be (what? is that any way to legislate?) – but rest assured, it will take away affordable health care and rescind taxes on very wealthy people. Trump staged a news conference aimed at the Republican Senator hold-outs. Does not care. Just wants a ‘win’.

Later in the day, Trump’s speech to tens of thousands of Boy Scouts kids at their Jamboree included his usual boast about his win in 2016 (pathetic), and have them boo a living American President (disgraceful). Trump continues to tweet out disparaging statements about the Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, ostensibly to get him to quit.

I like the London Evening Standard’s paraphrasing of Kushner’s statement!

Finally: Jared Kushner read a lawyer-written statement, with the White House as the backdrop, that stretched credibility to the breaking point (beyond it, for me: ‘did not collude with Russia’, ‘no improper contacts’, ‘no prior knowledge of the contents of the June 2016 meeting with the Russians’).

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