Wednesday/ osprey and Seahawk

Three ways to get to Kitsap Peninsula: take the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, take the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, drive around on south of Puget Sound.

Bryan and went out to Hansville on the Kitsap Peninsula on Wednesday (to our friend Paul). Instead of taking the ferry, we drove around the Sound.  The time is about the same as with taking the ferry provided there is no rush-hour traffic to deal with.    

Here’s an on-line picture of an osprey, the feather that I picked up, and the atlas that shows it is a wing feather, toward the tip of the wing.

Out in Hansville, I picked up an osprey* feather.  I found a handy feather atlas online that says it is a wing feather.

*Two side notes on the osprey:
1. Ospreys are sometimes called sea hawks but that is not really its correct name.   2. The Seattle Seahawks’ “Seahawk” is not actually a sea hawk. The 10-year-old bird that the football team’s name is lent from, is an augur hawk.  Let’s just say then, that ‘Seahawk’ is short for Seattle hawk!


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