Wednesday/ good news, at last

There was a little bit of a stock market sell-off today (~2%). Apparently investors started to take notice of the on-going Washington chaos.   There is now serious doubt if any of the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy & other so-called business-friendly campaign promises will come to fruition in all of 2017. (Good).

Then, late afternoon news broke that ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller (from 2001- 2013), was appointed by Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein to look into the meddling with the Russia investigation by President Trump and the White House.   This is a big deal, and is possibly very bad news for the White House (depending on what they are hiding).  Mueller started his tenure as FBI Director one week before 9/11.   He has a stellar reputation and has worked closely with his successor Jim Comey (fired by Trump last week).

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