Thursday/ Syria .. what will happen tomorrow?

So .. what to make of Pres. Trump’s (and/or his Secretary of State’s?) sudden change of heart regarding intervention in Syria, is the question being debated all night here on cable news.   (The Pentagon launched dozens of missiles to hit the air base near Homs, in Syria, that was reportedly used for preparing and launching the sarin gas attack against civilians on Tuesday).   There have been chemical attacks before.  This is a civil war that has now raged for 6 years, claiming ~500,000 lives, displacing 7.6 million people internally in Syria, and producing 4.8 million refugees.

Many observers are not too critical of the action that was taken, but it was not authorized by Congress (it should have been); it was an abrupt change in policy, and it was done unilaterally.   Several tweets noted that officials in the State Dept were out of the loop, as were key US allies.

Donald Trump tweets from 2012 and 2013 when President Obama was in office.


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