Wednesday/ water consumption in the Cape

Only about three months’ worth of water remains in the dams in the Cape Town area. On Wednesday, the newspaper ‘Die Burger’ published a map of the municipalities in the Cape Town area, pointing out the ones that use way, way too much water.   One property owner reportedly used 80 swimming pools’ worth of water in one month.  Yikes. Sir! Do you have a large forest-like garden, and do you drench every square foot day and night with water? The water utility acknowledged that leaking faucets and even leaking water pipes, might be the reason for some of these extraordinary consumption read-outs, and continues to look into it.

‘The biggest water wasters’ says this article. High water consumption is certainly a proxy for the upmarket neighborhoods. Constantia and Bishop’s Court on the slopes of Table Mountain have 5,6 or 7 times the consumption of other neighborhoods!   A swimming pool contains about 80 kiloliter of water, says the diagram. 

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