Wednesday/ Air Force One

It’s less than two days before the Trumpapocalypse starts here in the USA. There was an interesting comparison between the Air Force One airplanes (there are two) and Trump’s airplane on ‘CBS This Morning’.  Some say President Trump will ‘downgrade’ to Air Force One (give up the opulence of the Trump jet).  I disagree.  Air Force One can fly much further, seat many more passengers, and has an in-flight refueling ability, anti-missile systems and a blast-resistant skin.  Oh, and the seal of the President of the United States emblazoned on the fuselage.

Air Force One on the left is a 747. Trump’s jet is a 757 built in 1991, first owned by Stirling Air, then a Mexican airline Taesa, then by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen who sold it to Trump in 2010.
The 757 has a range of 4,400 miles and seats 43 ..
.. while Air Force One can go 7,800 miles, seat more than 70, and has all kinds of defense features.
Here’s a peek inside the Trump jet’s main cabin ..
.. and the bathroom, complete with 24 carat gold-plated faucets and washbasins.

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