Friday/ cold weather and bad news

We’ve had cold weather here in Seattle ever since I got back on Monday. (And much, much colder temperatures in eastern Washington, such as 0 and 1. That’s -17°C ). The little bit of New Year’s Day snow in the shadows around my house just never melted this week.  So we’re actually looking forward to reaching a ‘balmy’ high of  43°F/ 6°C on Sunday here in the city.

Elsewhere in the United States on Friday, there were several bad-news stories.
1.  Gunman shoots dead 5 people at the baggage claim, wounds 8, causes all-day mayhem at Ft Lauderdale International airport in Florida.
2.  Massive winter storm bringing snow and ice, stretches across the country from San Francisco into Raleigh, impacting 73 million people.
3.  President-elect Trump briefed on evidence of Russia and Putin’s involvement in influencing the outcome of the US election; issues statement and tweets with denials and lies in, as a response.
4.  Dow Jones Industrial Average tries again to breach 20,000, fails. (Maybe this is a good thing).

Saturday’s Forecast from Areas shown in darkest teal have the best chance of snow. Areas in pink may see either rain or snow. Areas in purple may see sleet or freezing rain. Areas shown in darkest green have the best chance of rain.


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