Friday/ ‘sunny day’ flooding

Hurricane Hermine is making trouble up along the East Coast, causing a lot of flooding. But a New York Times article reports that even ‘sunny day’ flooding has increased sharply in recent years.

From the article: Federal scientists have documented a sharp jump in this nuisance flooding — often called “sunny-day flooding” — along both the East Coast and the Gulf Coast in recent years. The sea is now so near the brim in many places that they believe the problem is likely to worsen quickly. Shifts in the Pacific Ocean mean that the West Coast, partly spared over the past two decades, may be hit hard, too.

East Coast sm
Photographs by Eliot Dudik for The New York Times. Note: Mean sea level rise is relative to 1950, or 1996 for Virginia Key, Miami. Sources: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; National Ocean Service; William Sweet et al., “Sea Level Rise and Nuisance Flood Frequency Changes Around the United States”

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